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Mobile Development

Our apps are powerful tools that can really help your business grow and meet demands. User friendly and tailored to your exact needs.
Android App Development

The Android platform is the most dominant mobile platform on the market today. Android commands an estimated 76% of the mobile phone market share – a figure that equates to about 2.3 billion smartphones running on Android. If you’re looking for the right audience for your mobile app, you don’t want to overlook this massive share of the market. Albany Data Systems possesses the experience and the skillset to build Android apps that run efficiently and flawlessly.

iPhone App Development

The iOS platform is another juggernaut within the mobile device ecosystem. Approximately 49% of all mobile devices in the United States run on iOS. Many users flock to Apple’s platform because of their innovation and reliable security. Rolling out your next app on the iOS platform is a must. As specialists on the iOS platform, we have the ability to design your app to your exact specifications. Contact us so that we can get your project started today.

Windows App Development

Microsoft’s Windows is the flagship platform of the brand. Since its inception in 1985, Microsoft Windows leads the pack in security, innovation, and productivity. Nowadays, you can find this platform on not only computers but mobile devices like phones and tablets. Utilizing the Windows platform, we can build your app to promote your products and services or even develop an internal app to streamline operations. Field operations employees need reliable access to information and building an app that accesses your database is a great start.

Cross-Platform App Development

Does your business has its own app designed for a single platform? With the advent of BYOD as an increasingly common practice in the workplace, single platform apps may not work for every device. By creating a cross-platform app, virtually every employee-owned device can be put to good use. A cross-platform app saves you in the long run by facilitating BYOD policies and eliminating the need for equipment purchases. Albany Data Systems has the knowledge and the tools to make it happen.

Smartwatch App Development

Impressive technology on your phone has become status quo, the next big technological advancements will be delivered to your watch. Recent studies show that an average of 120 million smartwatches sell annually. As the market begins to reach its maturity, the consumer is looking for more to do with their watch via apps. There is a strong market for apps, and now is the time to offer your own.

Xamarin App Development

Albany Data Systems uses Xamarin tools to make cross-platform apps, mobile apps, and wearable device apps work better. Using these tools, we can add valuable features like authentication requirements and billing to your apps. If you currently have an app that you would like to improve on, add features to, or rebuild from the ground up – count on Albany Data to make it happen with Xamarin development tools.

Ionic App Development

Ionic is an open-source mobile app framework used specifically for building hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid mobile apps incorporate a traditional mobile interface with certain web development elements. Hybrid apps boast certain benefits like a greater speed of development, access to third-party code, and greater support. If you’re interested in having your own hybrid app developed using the Ionic framework, look no further than Albany Data Systems.

React Development

React native is an open-source mobile development framework that allows you to create apps for both iOS and Android. Using the building blocks of both of these two platforms, the framework combines elements from both operating systems and melds them via JavaScript and React. React’s development framework streamlines mobile development very well as compared to its counterparts. This creates an environment where you can bring mobile apps to the market in a hurry. When the clock is ticking, choose Albany Data to build it for you using React.

Swift App Development

The Swift platform has been introduced by Apple and sets itself apart by staying true to its name – it’s fast! Swift is an app development framework derived from C++, which is considered to possess the fastest calculation speed in the world. Notable apps like Lyft have migrated to Swift programming and experienced improvements in performance. Specifically speaking, Lyft has reduced from 75,000 to 25,000 lines of code by migrating to Swift. If you need an app that can keep up with you – contact us to build it for you using Swift.

Game Development

According to statistics by major news networks, the video game industry can reach 138 billion dollars in global value by the end of this year. The demand for video games is steady and advancements in technology allow us to produce video games with life-like realism and incredible artificial intelligence. All business aspects aside, who doesn’t love to unwind for a bit with a great videogame? Albany Data Systems does, and we are ready to start working on yours today.

iPhone X Development

While Apple has yet to disclose the official numbers of iPhone X models in circulation today, it’s safe to assume that the figure is around several hundred million. The iPhone X does not include a ‘Home’ button and relies to a greater extent on hand gestures. Does your business have a mobile app? If it does, is the app optimized for the iPhone X? Don’t leave hundreds of millions of iPhone X users behind. Let’s partner together to optimize your app for iPhone X users.

iPad App Development

Over 350 million iPads sold around the globe. They are mobile, versatile devices that serve to educate us, entertain us, and connect us with our peers. By offering your own app for iPad, you tap into a massive share of the mobile device market. Launch your own app and drive more traffic to your business – we’ll help you get it done.

A/R - V/R App Development

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the latest craze in the technological arena. Augmented reality incorporates digital animations into a live view, generally through a camera phone or headset device. Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that creates a different reality. According to Reuters, the Augmented-Virtual Reality sector is positioned to become a 40 Billion Dollar industry by the year 2020. Become an early adapter and positioning yourself as a staple in the industry by offering apps for this platform. Albany Data Systems has the know-how, not let’s get to work on building your future.